身邊的人 | People Around


郵局大姐:Everyone’s down there, but I’m the only one working. I’ve got used to it. But I’m happy. You all are treating me well. 

前面辦業務的大叔:We all know you well. You’ve always been here. (I’ve been here for 4 years!) You know how to treat people well. That’s why ma’am. 

郵局大姐:I have to take care of this post office. I’m the one everyone will come to at the end of the day. And I’m more than happy to help. 


January 4, 2023

By Lance Yip

基督徒 / 博物學&人類學發燒友 / 搖滾樂迷 / 維基百科漫遊者
Christian / OTAKU of Natural History & Anthropology / Rock n' Roll Fan / Wikipedia Wanderer